Key Advantages of Pre-Planning Services at Moline, IL Funeral Homes

Have you ever thought about how you’d like to be remembered after you’re gone, and how your family will celebrate you? You don’t have to leave it up to chance and guesswork when you work with Moline, IL funeral homes. At Trimble Funeral Home & Crematory, we offer a wide range of pre-planning services. Here are some of the key advantages you’ll get when you use our pre-planning services.


Simple Setup

We work to make pre-planning services as easy as possible, thanks to an online checklist that lets you make your wishes clear. Once you’ve filled up the basic information, you’ll set up a consultation with our funeral director to finalize the details and set up a payment plan. Many of our clients are planning to be around for a long time after pre-planning, but there’s a peace of mind in taking care of everything in advance.


Everything in Place

After an unexpected death, it’s common for family members to run around seeking important documents and information on their loved one. Imagine the relief when they discover that everything has already been filed with a funeral home and all the plans are set in advance? Your family will be able to rest and celebrate your life without having to worry about setting up details or paying up-front.


Easy to Personalize

All pre-planning services have you set up the basic details, like whether you want burial or cremation and which plot you intend to be buried in. But our full-service funeral home is ready to take details up to the smallest personal touches. Many of our clients have requested details in advance including who they want as pallbearers or speakers at the memorial, what flowers they want at the service, and what vehicles they want carrying the coffin.


Prepared for Eventualities

Not everyone stays in one place their whole life, and having a plan in place in case you relocate is a good way to ensure continuity. If you move to another state and choose to be buried there, contact us and we’ll forward your advance directive to your chosen funeral home in the area. Likewise, if you’ve just moved to the area and have an advance directive back home, we can take custody of that plan from them and implement it.


Fewer Worries About Payment

Paying up front for a funeral can pose a challenge to families that weren’t expecting the sudden expense. That’s why an advance directive can be the biggest gift you give to your family, as you’ll know the budget in advance and can begin to pay it off. Many of our clients pay their entire funeral costs off in advance, leaving their families nothing to worry about as they say goodbye. Both up-front and installment plans are available.


Planning your funeral, cremation, or memorial service in advance is a great way to ensure your wishes are followed and your family doesn’t have to arrange a service in a hurry. Moline, IL funeral homes can help, so contact Trimble Funeral Home & Crematory to set up a consultation at our Moline or Coal Valley locations.

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