Green Tributes at Rock Island, IL Funeral Homes

The environment is a topic on everyone’s mind today, and that extends to planning final goodbyes at Rock Island, IL funeral homes. At Trimble Funeral Home & Crematory, we frequently got asked what our options are for those who want green funerals, and we’ve changed our business to accommodate those concerns. Here are some options for those looking to “green” a funeral or celebration of life.


Recycled and Organic Coffins

Most coffins used to be made from traditional whole wood pieces from logged trees, but concerns about the lumber supply have led to changes. More people are choosing coffins made from sustainably logged wood or recycled wood. When varnished and polished, recycled wood coffins made from wood fragments are just as attractive as the classic models, but without the environmental impact of traditional coffins.


Sustainable Paper

A classic memento of any memorial service is the paper programs that are often covered with details of the deceased’s life and story. This is a great way to remember the event, but it’s also a lot of papers to print out for a big ceremony. To keep this tradition alive but without causing more burden on the trees, many people are using recycled paper for their programs. Recycled paper is available through most third-party office supply companies.


Cremation Alternatives

Cremation has a lower carbon footprint than most burial options, but if you’re interested in reducing it further, inquire about Aquamation with your funeral provider. Instead of a powerful cremator running at up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, Aquamation uses an alkaline solution heated to up to three hundred degrees to break down the body and speed up the natural process of decay in under eight hours.


Part of Nature

Whether you choose burial or cremation, there are eco-friendly ways to return your loved one’s remains to the ecosystem. Natural burials use a shroud instead of a traditional coffin, allowing the natural process to occur in the earth rather than inside a sealed box. This returns the compounds in the body to the earth, fertilizing the ground and increasing the growth of grass above the grave.


If you choose cremation, options include a biodegradable urn that contains a tree seed. When planted in the earth, it breaks down and releases the ashes and seed which grow into a mighty tree that will stand for decades. For burial at sea, coral balls are designed in such a way that the unconventional receptacle for ashes attracts sea life including coral. This transforms the ball into a mini-ecosystem for sea life.


Charitable Donations

If you’re doing digital outreach to allow those who can’t be there for the funeral to participate, this is a great opportunity to raise money for a worthy cause. In lieu of flowers, why not ask for donations to a meaningful environmental charity?


Are these green service and memorial ideas right for your loved one? For more information on green services at Rock Island, IL funeral homes, contact Trimble Funeral Home & Crematory for more information today.

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