Planning a Veteran’s Funeral With Moline, IL Funeral Homes

When a veteran is laid to rest, the government guarantees certain treatment and honors for those who served honorably. At Moline, IL funeral homes, we specialize in working with the government to certify veterans’ service and arrange for the combination of standard military honors with personalized services. Here are some ways that Trimble Funeral Home & Crematory works with families to ensure ideal veterans’ services.


The First Step

When someone passes away, especially if it was unexpected and not at a medical facility, a funeral home’s first responsibility is to take the burden of paperwork away from the family. With military veterans, that includes communicating news of the death to the government and certifying terms of service and the associated honors. Once the paperwork is in order, we’ll meet with the family to discuss their plans for the memorial and burial.


Who Is Eligible for Military Honors?

Any US military veteran who served a full term of enlistment or was drafted into the army is eligible for military honors, as well as anyone who was discharged due to injury or medical condition in the line of duty. This applies to all members of the five branches of the US military, along with those who served in certain affiliated divisions. The only exceptions are veterans dishonorably discharged or convicted of a capital crime post-service.


What Honors Are Included in a Military Funeral?

The standard military honors include a complimentary US flag draped over the casket, a military honor detail that will perform a final salute at the burial, and a three-volley rifle salute. The military honor detail will consist of at least two members of the armed forces, including a representative from the same branch as the veteran belongs to. If the veteran had friends in the military they wanted to serve in their detail, which can be arranged with the services.


Can I Customize a Military Service?

Yes, while the standard military honors are included in any funeral for a veteran, we consider this only the starting point for the service. If you’re purchasing a full memorial package with full use of our funeral home facilities, we can arrange a personalized memorial that celebrates the fullness of your loved one’s life. The military honors are typically presented at the burial site, either before or after the funeral.


Can I Pre-Plan Veteran’s Services?

If you’re a member of the Armed Services and want to make sure everything is in order for your remembrance in the future, you can meet with our staff now. This is a great opportunity to ensure all papers are in order in advance, and we can write down any special requests you have for the service. If you want specific pallbearers or members of the honor guard, we can make arrangements with them in advance. We can also arrange a pre-payment plan for the service, so no burden falls on your family.


If you’re looking to arrange honors for a veteran at Moline, IL funeral homes, Trimble Funeral Home & Crematory can help. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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